The three Mees’keteers


Time to be lazy and have some fun with a remote controlled camera. After setting up a small dining table for the birds in the garden I looked for a nice branch where they could land on and manually set my focus on it. I had Guelder-rose (Viburnum opulus) in the background to color it up just a bit. As it was a dark day, ISO went up to 2000 and for obvious reasons diafragma was set on 10 which gave me a depth of field of around 2cm.

Off course, with this technique, you miss a lot of shots but I only wanted shots from birds on THIS branch so in this case, it works just perfect and I could enjoy my breakfast with my pyjamas on inside while photographing.

Blue tits, curious as they are where the first to use the branch:


Followed by the nervous coal tits who never really wanted to pose perfectly:

Zwarte mees

Zwarte mees

and a great tit showing his ass:


Other species really didn’t want to land on this branch but directly on the dining table or on the grass. Next to the 3 tit species, following species were also present that day: Great spotted woodpecker, European green woodpecker, Common chaffinch, Greenfinch, European robin, Eurasian wren, Common magpie, Common blackbird, Eurasian tree sparrow, House sparrow, Dunnock, Collared dove, Common wood pigeon and a female Sparrowhawk trying to get a Collared dove.

As I am currently building a fixed 2 man hide (The Built)to place in my meadow I’m sure spring will get me great opportunities…

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